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The Management of the GITEC-IGIP Consulting Group has announced, that we are no longer part of the GITEC-IGIP Holding SE, Paris, France.

With effect of January 01st 2021 the GITEC-IGIP Group is now 100% owned by the Management. GITEC Consult GmbH was founded in March 28th 1977 as an Engineering Consulting company and owned by the Management at that time. Since the beginning of 2021 GITEC is now back to its original roots and owned solely by German Management.

In December 21st 2016 GITEC Consult GmbH changed its name into GITEC-IGIP GmbH to reflect its common roots with IGIP GmbH, a German engineering consultancy company formerly based in Darmstadt. Since December 2016 GITEC and IGIP are united and form the basis of GITEC-IGIP Consulting Group based in Cologne, Germany.


While having applied these significant changes, we have also decided for a new logo.

In particular we have adapted our logo to enhance the brand identification and make our subsidiaries also visibly more affiliated.

We are confident, that everyone will adapt quickly to both structural and visual changes and associate the new logo with the long success story of GITEC and IGIP. 

The Management Board 06/05/2021