• Are you involved in planning or implementing a sustainable environmental governance systems?
  • Are you developing policies, programmes or projects to reduce vulnerability to climate change?
  • Do you believe that green economy is the way to sustainable development?

GITEC-IGIP GmbH’s Environment and Climate Change team has been coordinating multidisciplinary expertise for sustainable development projects carried out by ministries, administrations and other governmental organisations for close to 15 years.

GITEC-IGIP GmbH can help you reach your goals

GITEC-IGIP GmbH has a specialised and multidisciplinary team that gather specialists from the fields of environment, policy and economy, a mix of experienced seniors and young professionals who work together to translate sustainable development into a series of concrete measures and programmes.

Many of our assignments focus on a broad array of capacity development activities within organisations responsible for environmental conservation. GITEC-IGIP GmbH’s Environment and Climate Change team has the right skills and experience to transfer expert knowledge and know-how to your own staff and help you improve internal procedures and processes.

How GITEC-IGIP GmbH adds value to your projects

Holistic approach. We’re used to thinking in functional and territorial systems: optimizing management processes and operations between the national, regional and local levels to protect the environment.

Integrated services. Our environment & climate change experts work closely with experts from GITEC-IGIP GmbH’s other departments, especially water and sanitation, natural resources and rural development, transportation and construction. Variations linked to climate change have a strong and direct impact on water and natural resources and should be taken into account when developing long-lasting infrastructure. To face the present and future challenges, GITEC-IGIP GmbH has developed a unique integrated approach that crosses over traditional disciplines, to deliver the right consulting mix for each individual project.

Close to you. To provide better consulting services, we build project teams that mainly consist of regional experts who have a good understanding of the institutional framework and local circumstances in your country. Many of our projects are directly handled by our subsidiaries, for example Rio de Janeiro and La Paz in South America or through other offices within the GITEC-IGIP Holding.

Our partner company

Environment and climate change services are  also delivered to public and private clients through our partner company:

MAVI Consultants

is a GITEC-IGIP Holding company based in Istanbul, comprising an independent and multidisciplinary team of international consultants committed to promoting sustainable development. MAVI's climate change expertise is focused on mitigation. The team has extensive experience in Turkey, South East Europe and Africa. You can read more about MAVI here.


Environmental Governance

  • Organisational Development
  • Management Consulting
  • Capacity Development
  • Communication Strategies

Adaptation to Climate Change

  • Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
  • Adaptation Strategies in Urban Planning and Development Planning
  • Adaptation Strategies in the Urban Water Sector
  • Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management


Biodiversity and Nature Conservation / Protected Areas

  • Biodiversity and Nature Conservation / Protected Areas
  • Financial Concepts
  • Economic Instruments / Valorisation of Ecosystem Services

Green Economy

  • Support of Sustainable Economic Structures
  • Product Environmental Footprints and Carbon Footprints
  • Public - Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Innovation Management