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... within the IGIP Group

The BURGEAP Group and ICP, Karlsruhe have been sold and are no longer part of the BIHSE Group. As a consequence, following companies are no longer part of the BIHSE Group:

NUDEC Canada


... within the IGIP/GITEC Board of Directors

Mr. Heiko SCHEIBER has left all his duties as Manager of IGIP GITEC Companies 
Mr. Heiko Scheiber was behind the development of IGIP. He was a founder of the BIHSE Group, and he invented the principle of this global network of companies whose headquarters are located in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia and whose activity spreads worldwide. The management and all employees of the group thank him for his work over the last years. He remains a significant shareholder of the group, and as such he will continue to follow its life.

Ms. Andrea Korb has left all her duties as Deputy Managing Director of IGIP GITEC Companies
Ms Korb was responsible for all administrative and financial parts of the Companies. The Management and all employees of the group thank her for her dedicated work and achievements.

After the departure of Mr. Scheiber, a new Management Board has been announced: 

  • Thomas Harbauer as Managing Director of IGIP and GITEC ensures the operational management of the two companies. 
  • In addition to his current duties as CEO of BIHSE, Jérôme COSTIL will also act as Managing Director of IGIP and GITEC. 
  • After the departure of Andrea Korb, Jean-Philippe PERRIN will be the new CFO of IGIP and GITEC. 

This new perimeter of BIHSE will allow us to dedicate all our efforts to the future and strengthen IGIP, GITEC and their associated Companies.