Are you looking for a specialised engineering consultant operating in the fields of waste technology, waste management, contaminated sites, geotecnics, geology and hydrogeology, environmental planning and knowledge transfer?

Our highly qualified team of consultant-engineers can help you:
  • Collect, transfer, store, treat or recycle waste
  • Design, build or operate a modern and efficient landfill
  • Diagnose and remediate a groundwater or soil pollution
  • Turn waste into energy

Our civil engineers, geologists, environmental engineers and surveyors have been serving public authorities, operators of waste facilities, farmers, industries, construction companies, development agencies and investment institutions since 1991.

Our design and engineering services cover all kinds of waste and pollution: industrial, commercial, domestic, waste from public works such as roads and parks, and agricultural waste.


We are actively involved in research projects, e.g. “developing and applying new remediation techniques for efficient clean-up of defective leachate collection systems at landfills.” A strong partnership with Elite University of Karlsruhe gives us constant access to the most recent research results.

Investing in the future

We monitor the newest developments in laboratory equipment so that we can keep up with the continuous progress in these fields. We maintain one of the few engineering laboratories in Germany that offers a complete testing spectrum from the determination of field moisture capacity to complex clay characteristics.


In the future, waste management will be more strongly integrated in comprehensive materials management. We are convinced that effective and long-term waste reduction by waste prevention can only be achieved with this type of recycling management. In Germany, this process of protection of the environment and its resources is exemplary.

We see it not only as an opportunity but also as an obligation to transfer our extensive knowledge in this area to other countries beyond our own borders.

From waste to energy

We can also offer expert team assistance to produce biogas from organic waste. Based on a detailed material flow analysis, we define a technical valorisation concept that includes all steps from input collection to energy production.



Solid Waste Management

  • Preparation of solid waste concepts, feasibility studies, economic analysis
  • Landfill technology (design and construction supervision of new landfills or landfill phased extensions)
  • Landfill closure (landfill gas collection technology, leachate treatment, refurbishment of landfill drainage systems, site investigations and feasibility studies, monitoring etc.)
  • Design and construction supervision of waste treatment plant (mechanical-biological pre-treatment, composting, fermentation, sorting and handling etc.)

Contaminated site investigation
and rehabilitation

  • Contaminated site investigation (from historical records to technical sampling and ground water modelling)
  • Clean up of contaminated sites (design and supervision of treatment methods like Pump + Treat, Soil Air treatment, reactive walls etc.)
  • Securing of contaminated sites / stabilisation of existing hazards (design and supervision of treatment measures such as surface sealing, slurry wall containment etc.)
  • Monitoring systems

Renewable Energies

  • Waste to energy (Biogas / Fermentation plant)
  • Landfill gas utilisation
  • Solar plants

Construction in old building stock / Demolition

  • Site investigation / Groundwater management
  • Stability of deep excavations also in densely built areas
  • Controlled demolition
  • Investigation of hazardous materials
  • Emissions/emission measurements
  • Surveys of current condition / Conservation of evidence

Plant and working safety

  • Health and safety plans
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Work place health and safety
  • Plant safety

Environmental planning

  • Environmental and social impact assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Environmental expert advice
  • Environmental damage assessment

Public authority ground works

  • Sewer refurbishment
  • Green areas
  • Road construction
  • Connection of utility services

Geotechnical, soil mechanical
and physical investigations

  • Building assessment and foundation recommendations
  • Stability calculations
  • Settlement calculations
  • Execution of field tests and probing
  • Specification and supervision of boreholes
  • Disturbed and undisturbed sampling
  • Soil mechanical tests according to DIN ISO and ASTM
  • Soil physical tests according to DIN ISO and ASTM
  • Development of sealing materials from residues
  • Investigation with regard to the approval as landfill sealing materials

Geology and Hydrogeology

  • Geological expert reports
  • Ground water measurements
  • Drinking water protection
  • Execution of field tests and probing
  • Specification and supervision of boreholes
  • Borehole probe, analysis and review


  • Terrestrial surveys
  • Settlement monitoring
  • Inclinometer measurement

Knowledge Transfer

  • Organisation of symposiums and conferences
  • Training for professionals and local authorities
  • Capacity building