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The Peruvian Ministry of Environment (MINAM) was established in May 2008 as the governing body of the national environmental sector, with the mandate to design, establish, implement and monitor national and sectorial environmental policy.

Being a rather young organization in a complex area such as the environmental sector and because of economic and social factors, among others, MINAM had to create and improve its management systems in order to achieve better results and to respond to the Peruvian necessities.

In order to strengthen the Ministry of Environment´s institutional capacities, GIZ implemented the "MINAM´s Institutional Strengthening Project" between 2010 and 2013, which provided technical assistance for the implementation of national environmental policy, coordination amongst sectors and regions, and the application of innovative environmental management tools.

As the result of an international tender, the consortium composed by GITEC and Peru Pact was contracted to implement the component "Organizational Development of MINAM". In this framework, the consulting consortium focused on two components:

  • Project Management
  • Strengthening the National Environmental Management System (SNGA) / National System for Environmental Control (SINEFA).
Project Management:

Initially, the objective of the consultancy aimed at strengthening MINAM´s capacities to implement national environmental policy in coordination with other sectors and decentralized administrative structures. Given that the consultancy initiated with the new government headed by Mr. Ollanta Humala and its new ministry teams, there was a further need to "design and implement a MINAM project management system in order to optimize and improve the project management implementation process". In its first phase (8/2011 - 8/2012) the consultancy included:

  • Aligning projects to priority policies and plans
  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the project management cycle.
Strengthening the National Environmental Management System (SNGA / SINEFA):

As part of MINAM´s role and responsibilities in relation to government agencies such as the Assessment and Environmental Control Agency (OEFA), there was the need to strengthen the environmental monitoring and control in the Peruvian regions. Services during the second phase (8/20112 - 11/2013) included:

  • In coordination with MINAM, the elaboration of a proposal to strengthen the functioning of the National System of Evaluation and Environmental Control (SINEFA) at the regional level, as part of the Regional Environmental Management System – SRGA.

Services Provided

Project Management
  • Supporting the assessment of MINAM´s project management
  • Advice on the design of the project management system, covering the following aspects: process management and quality system, organizational design, knowledge management, elaboration of a legal proposal for the organizational component of the project management system.
  • Support for the implementation of the Project Management Working Committee (CGP) as the entity to improve project management. This covered the installation of the CGP and its Technical Secretariat, the structuring of programs and organization of projects, knowledge management system and project management software.
  • Implementation of MINAM´s project management system, including accompanying the incorporation of the project unit into the organization and functions regulation (ROF), the elaboration of a project management processes manual, implementation of the project management software, monitoring and evaluation procedures and supporting the implementation of the CGP services at the project units and MINAM’s senior management.
Strengthening the National Environmental Management System
A normative study on the responsibilities of different actors who intervene in the regional and local levels as part of the National System of Evaluation and Environmental Control - SINEFA.
  • Organizational diagnostics on environmental monitoring and control in the regions of Loreto, Lima and Arequipa.
  • Identification of initiatives to improve and strengthen the regional environmental management system.
  • Elaboration of an Environmental Management Guide for Regional Governments, advising the methodology in the competences and regional process section and the development of guidelines for the self-evaluation of the regional environmental performance.