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The ADB/GEF Rural Development Project [37530] comprises five broad components each with its own set of supporting activities, which have been determined in discussion with the government and other stakeholders.

The Project will (I) address land use security; (II) develop policies and strategy for more effective pasture land management and capacity development; (III) improve the administration and institutional aspects of business development; (IV) address the capacity and technical aspects of degradation of arable, pasture, and forest lands; (V) establish independent agriculture and rural business advisory services; (VI) establish an effective market information system; (VII) provide microcredit; and (VIII) improve rural infrastructure in communities and 5 target districts.

The Project essentially comprises 5 components, viz.:
  • Component 1: Policy and Institutional Reform Development and Reform
  • Component 2: Sustainable Land Management (pasture, arable and forest)
  • Component 3: Agriculture and Rural Business Support
  • Component 4: Rural Infrastructure Development
  • Component 5: Project Management

The consulting services [Contract 3] for Component 1: Policy and Institutional Development and Reform, which will focus on providing land use security policies and instructions for pasture land management and the administration and institutional aspects of business development, and Component 2: Sustainable Land Management, which comprises a set of linked activities that address the need for better land management by improving integrated pasture land and livestock techniques, enhancing capacity, and reversing land degradation for livelihood and environmental benefits, have been commissioned to GITEC Consult GmH, Germany in association with DMC, Tadjijistan.

Project Executing Agency is the Ministry of Agriculture and Nature Protection (MANP). Implementing Agency is the State Committee for Land Management (SCLM).

The Project is financed by way of ADB loan [US$8.8 million] and ADB grant [US$8.3 million], and a GEF grant of US$3.5 million. The contract will be implemented for a period of 3.5 years between 2010 and 2014.


Services Provided

Provision of international intermittent advisory services and training and long-term national expertise to strengthen the technical, operating management and financial capacity of the State Committee for Land Management in:
  • Rangeland management [sector assessment, pilot demonstrations, capacity building, networking]
  • Livestock production improvement [production systems, feed resources, reproductive performance, and pilot demonstrations]
  • Land tenure [assess policy, laws& regulations re access to pasture ;and and forest land, resolve issues and restraints for livestock farmers]
  • Remote Sensing / GIS applications [establish GIS strategy for sector assessment and monitoring]
  • Biodiversity and rangeland ecology assessment [design pasture monitoring methodology, delivery of training and seminars]
  • Natural resource economics, social assessment, pasture land rehabilitation, land degradation and soil erosion, community forestry
  • Training and dissemination (workshops and training sessions on all levels, training manuals, field visits and in-country study tours.

(joint venture – lead firm)