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On 26 December 2004, the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami struck the coast of Sumatra. The coastal areas of Aceh Province, including the cities of Banda Aceh and Meulaboh, were among the areas hardest-hit. Approximately 230,000 people were killed and about 400,000 were left homeless.

The objective of the RRHS Programme is the fast provision of adequate housing and basic settlement infrastructure in about 70 settlements in the districts of Pidie (Sub-district Kembang Tanjung) and Aceh Besar (Sub-districts Lhoong, Leupung, Peukan Bada), and in the City of Banda Aceh (Sub-district Jaya Baru).

The project includes the
  1. Reconstruction of about 7,000 totally damaged houses;
  2. Rehabilitation of up to 3,000 less damaged houses;
  3. Assistance in minor rehabilitation of houses affected by the earthquake;
  4. Construction of basic settlement infrastructure comprising geo-hazard mitigation measures (dams, escape roads), village roads, storm water drainage, piped water supply, rain water harvesting, simple waste water systems, and selected economic infrastructure;
  5. Extension of the programme into conflict affected hinterland areas (Bener Meriah, Ule Glee) through the provision of housing, basic infrastructure and livelihood improvements (coffee plantations, fruit tree cultivation).

Services Provided

Assistance to BRR programme implementation. The consulting services embrace different areas of intervention:
  1. Review and development of concepts, strategies and procedures, setting of standards, programming of works;
  2. Management of reconstruction and rehabilitation, procurement of material / equipment and works contracts;
  3. Design of basic settlement infrastructure, preparation and management of works and service contracts;
  4. Training and coaching of counterparts, selection of applicants for reconstruction and rehabilitation of housing, self-help groups, local craftsmen and staff of SME and NGOs;
  5. Certifying the adherence to German Financial Co-operation rules and regulations by co-signing of all financial transactions including reimbursement requests to KfW; Management of the programmes’ Disposition Funds;
  6. Coordination with relief organisations, central and provincial project management units, local government institutions and community based organisations in a participatory planning and implementation approach.