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Jeita Spring is the main water supply source for Beirut, where about 70% of the water demand for the capital is generated from. Wastewater mainly infiltrates untreated into the subsurface and is potentially contaminating this source. The objective of the project is to safeguard the quality of the groundwater from Jeita Spring so that the supply of the population of Beirut with hygienically sound drinking water can be ensured.

Key figures for design and construction supervision:

  • Regional Sewage Plan:
    The regional sewage plan covers the entire Jeita Spring Catchment area (population 85.000 in 2010). Based on the assessment of the actual situation on sewage disposal the masterplan has to present appropriate solutions for centralized sewage collection and on-site sanitation, treatment and disposal aiming at reducing substantially any future pollution risk for the Jeita groundwater formations. For the proposed investment measure investment and O & M costs are to be assessed in order to allow for an amount of economic and financial feasibility and an appropriate investment plan (total investment 93.5 million USD). Institutional, environmental and climate aspects have to be considered.
  • Detailed Design:
    • The sewage collection network to be designed for Jeita, Balloune, Aajaltoun and Daraiya is about 10 km long and the escarpment collector about 20 km.
    • The Wastewater Treatment Plant (different options for location had to be studied) should serve a population of 35.000 (in year 2025: 44.000). The amount of wastewater to be treated is 4400 m³/day. Land requirement for the plant is 3.5 ha.
    • The investment costs for construction are estimated at 28 million Euro. The design includes the tendering (incl. prequalification) of construction services until Contract Award.
  • Construction Supervision:
    The supervision of construction works included general contract management, supervision, quality control and acceptance of deliveries, installations and construction, variation of works, claim management, cost control, taking over and acceptance. Construction supervision also comprises the defect liability period which ends with the final acceptance.

Services Provided

The Consultant Services comprises the following tasks:
  • Preparation of a master plan “Regional Sewerage Plan;
  • Detailed design of sewerage network (FIDIC Red Book);
  • Detailed design of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) including treatment of sludge (FIDIC Red Book);
  • Detailed design of additional measures to improve intake at Jeita Spring source and to avoid infiltration / leakage;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Climate check (Climate Proofing, Emission Savings);
  • Proposal of feasible pre-treatment solutions for commercial and industrial wastewater;
  • Proposal for reuse and/or disposal of treated wastewater and sludge;
  • Preparation of tender documents for construction works (FIDIC Red Book) and operation and maintenance of the WWTP for 3 years by constructor;
  • Assistance on tendering and contract award;
  • Supervision of construction according to FIDIC and administration of a respective disposition fund;
  • Assistance during Defect Liability Period and Final Acceptance;
  • Contribution to awareness raising programs.