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The influx of Syrian refugees into the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has by far surpassed all previous projections. As of February 2015, over 622,000 Syrians had registered with UNHCR in Jordan. Approximately 80 percent of them live in urban areas in the north of Jordan, while the remaining 20 percent live in the Za’atary, Marjeeb al-Fahood, Cyber City and Al-Azraq camps. The provision of water in the North of Jordan was challenging even before the refugee crisis and became extremely critical during the recent summer months due to the situation described.

The present contract for consulting services for the “Improvement of the Water Conveyance System from the Aqeb Well Field” is part of the project "Water Supply for Jordanian Communities hosting Syrian Refugees (Aqeb-Pipeline)", funded by the German government through KfW Development Bank. The project is aiming at a capacity increase of the conveyance system to at least 3,500 m³/h to make use of the additional water quantity made available through the well rehabilitation project in the Aqeb well field and to replace the corroded parts of the existing conveyor pipeline, thus enabling a rapid improvement of the water supply situation in certain parts of the supply area of the Yarmouk Water Company. Main components are:

  • 28.85 km of new DN600 DCI pipeline including air release valve, washout and interconnection chambers;
  • Connection of the DN400 Corridor pipeline to the rising main to Mafraq;
  • Construction of a 4,000 m³ R/C ground level reservoir (two chambers of 2,000 m³, each) at km 20.3 for creation of one hour of buffer capacity for managing the frequent power cuts in summer, for breaking of pressure surges and for balancing the flow between the three pipelines;
  • Construction of a new chlorination station next to the reservoir to augment the existing station at Za’atary pumping station;
  • A limited programme of replacing well connection pipelines and water meters;
  • Installation of SCADA and remote control equipment for the conveyor system.

Services Provided

Part 1 – Design and Tendering

  • Definition of measures to increase the precision of the hydraulic modelling
  • Review and presentation of the concept for the improvement of Aqeb well field conveyor
  • Preparation of the final design and confidential cost estimate
  • Elaboration of tender documents (FIDIC Red Book)
  • Support in Tendering and contracting including tender evaluation reports, assistance in contract negotiations and preparation of contract documents

Part 2 – Construction Supervision

  • Participation in taking-over and acceptance of supplies
  • General supervision of works including overall project management, time and expenditure control
  • Reporting on project activities, identification of risks and gaps affecting timely and full achievement of the project goals including immediate proposals for required countermeasures
  • Review and checking of the contractors` plans and documents
  • Ex-factory testing of materials and equipment
  • Permanent works supervision incl. setting out, survey work control, works measurement, payment certificates preparation
  • Inspection, testing and commissioning of the completed works, filing of project documentation (as-built drawings, manuals), participation in the preliminary acceptance of works, Contract administration and claims management
  • Support to WAJ in financial management of the project, Supervision during defects notification period.