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The overall objective of the “Program Water Supply and Sanitation in Suburban Areas” is to contribute to the improvement of health, environment and living conditions of the population living in suburban areas of La Paz, El Alto, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz by expanding the access of the population to sustainable drinking water and sanitation. In the frame of this program this project is being carried out, its main objective is to increase access of the population of Santa Cruz to sustainable sanitation. Thus, this project will address poor neighbourhoods located in the South, in areas beyond the 6th city ring, populated mainly by families of a low socioeconomic stratum.

The districts without any sanitation service are forced to pour the overflows of sewage in the street, generating the accumulation of sludge and dirty water that become sources of pollution, a situation that causes illness especially in the young population (children), such as gastrointestinal (vomiting and diarrhoea) and skin diseases, as well as the proliferation of mosquitoes that have caused epidemics like dengue. Statistics from the health authorities show that the neighbourhoods that are part of this project as vulnerable to major epidemics that have plagued the city. By the construction of sewage networks and their direct connection to an existing wastewater treatment plant, a major contribution is made in order to reduce this vulnerability. The project is divided to run on four lots with a total of 12 neighbourhood units and 2 interceptors. Total length 176 km and 9,218 domestic connections.

Direct social impacts:

  • Improvement of life quality of the population
  • Increase of quality/value of the buildings
  • Protection of the environment

Indirect social impacts:

  • Creation of new jobs

Services Provided

In general terms, the consultant will be responsible for the overall project management during the project implementation. The following activities should be carried out in the different phases of advisory/assistance during the bidding process and the construction supervision of the works.

Together with EMAGUA, GITEC will assume the technical, financial, institutional and social management of the project:

  • Coordination with the different stakeholders, as EMAGUA, SAGUAPAC and all other local and national institutions and organizations involved, as well as KfW;
  • Coordination with other consultants who offer their services to EMAGUA and who are relevant to the project (including the consultant who prepared the Feasibility Study for the Suburban Water Supply and Sewerage Programme in Santa Cruz);
  • Review, adjustment and redesign of project measures, if necessary;
  • Elaboration and monitoring of project planning ( control of schedule - budget - qualities);
  • Quantification and subsequent compliance monitoring of project objectives and indicators;
  • Preparation of reports (monthly, quarterly and/or special reports).
  • Integrated project monitoring with a specific management tool for this purpose, including management of the information generated in it.