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Peru is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change; water resource availability is one of the critical aspects in this regard. At the same time there are water and sanitation operators with a high rate of water losses, caused by leaks in the distribution network and commercial losses, and therefore there is a high potential to improve the management of water resources in providing their services.

The aim of the project is to achieve a technical and administrative reduction of water losses in the water supply companies EPS Tacna and SEDA Chimbote, leading to an economic benefit for the companies, contributing to the sustainable supply of drinking water for the population and reducing the impact of scarce water resources due to climate change in Peru.

The program seeks a clear reduction of water losses through a connection of investment measures and institutional strengthening measures. The measures of the overall program include institutional improvement (managerial, commercial and operational) of thewater supply companies and investment measures for operational improvement of distribution networks. The two packages of measures are strongly interconnected and are therefore wholy managed.

The specific investment measures include:

  • zoning and rationalization of consumption (acquisition and installation of valves, gauges, macro-meter and micro-meter),
  • reduction of physical losses (leak repair and replacement of defective household connections),
  • operational equipment (mobile macro ultrasonic meters, leak detection equipment and micro measurement laboratory), and
  • software equipment (for GIS, network modeling and simulation).

Services Provided

The essential measures for institutional strengthening in the two areas of the program include:

  • Development of an integrated technical and commercial cadaster;
  • Preparation of a hydraulic model;
  • Development of the concept of zoning system optimization;
  • Introduction of a SCADA system;
  • Preparation of a program of micro-meter installation and management concept of the meters;
  • Establish and support the implementation of routines for detecting and repairing leaks;
  • Support improvement of the operational management system;
  • Prepare a sanitary health education program.

Related investment measures of the program services include:

  • Development of pre-investment studies at the level of identification and feasibility studies;
  • Preparation of tender documents;
  • Assistance to the water supply companies in tendering and award of works / services;
  • Supervise the work executed by the contractor, including during the warranty period;
  • Implementation of accompanying measures;
  • Development of a concept, a work plan and a budget for the continuation of the measures after completion of the program.