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Mali's education sector is still undeveloped: the percentage of children in education is 66% of girls and 79% of boys at primary level, 23% of girls and 37% of boys in secondary education and only 6% in higher education. The quality of education has not improved as desired. The influx of new pupils has not been adequately accompanied by the construction of schools and especially the recruitment and training of teachers. Consequently classes are overloaded: the pupil-teacher ratio (primary) is 1:50, quite high.

In order to support the educational reform initiated by the Malian government with the implementation of the Investment Program in the Education Sector in the early 2000s, the federal German government represented by the KfW and the government of Mali concluded January 3, 2011 a financing agreement. This agreement plans a financial contribution of € 8.8 million for the improvement of initial teacher training. It is devoted to the Component "Construction and Equipment of two new Teacher Training Colleges in Kita and Koutiala and eventually dormitories in an existing institute."

This project aims at both improving the quality of the training and at training a greater number of future teachers by increasing training facilities. It includes the following components: Construction of two colleges (Kita and Koutiala) with 12 classes rooms and auxiliary buildings, equipment (furniture and teaching materials); development and implementation of a maintenance concept; in-service training for trainers and support during the operation of both facilities.

GITEC won the architectural design competition and was awarded the consultancy contract.

The new college was inaugurated on Sunday, August 23 in Koutiala by Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, President of Mali.

Services Provided

Assistance to client organizations for the planning, implementation and finalization of the project, including the following services:

1)        Preliminary studies and analysis of the Architectural Design

Analysis of the architectural design; definition of requirements for the teacher training institutes and program of functional requirements

2)        Preliminary Design

Site surveys; soils analysis; environmental surveys; verification / development of architectural design; definition of building materials; definition of concept and construction methods; preliminary design and verification of available funding

3)        Detailed Preliminary Design and Detailed Cost Estimate

Elaboration of architectural and engineering drawings; elaboration of quantities and specifications; check of costs; detailed estimate and Detailed Preliminary Design Report.

4)       Tendering and Award of Contracts

Management of the tender; site visits, clarifications, evaluation of tenders; bid evaluation report / proposals for the award, negotiations and final contracts award.

5)        Implementation of Construction Works

Control of work progress and supervision of work’s quality; control of construction costs and contracts administration; check and signature of payment certificates; preparation of as-built drawings; provisional works acceptance and documentation of construction defects.

6)        Development of a concept for building maintenance and staff training

7)        Supply of equipment and furniture

Coordinating the elaboration of lists of equipment and furniture, specifications and documents for the Request for Proposals; supervision of the procurement process and installation.

8)        Support to the administration of teacher training institutes in staff recruitment and training of students

Support provided by an education specialist for the recruitment of staff in charge of administrative management of the facilities and training of students.